Anthony A. King Law, LLC is here to help. With years of expertise in the following types of law, Tony King serves his clients in the following ways:


General Corporate, General Business Counsel:

Legal structure and compliance for any business is a must; acting as general business counsel, including general business counsel for corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. Entities may need assistance with choice of entity, entity formation and structure, core entity governing documents (i.e. Articles, Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Shareholder/Buy-Sell Agreements), Core contracts and contract reviews (i.e. customer, vendor and employment agreements), and state law compliance.


Business Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales:

The key components of any transaction relate primarily to the economics of the transaction, the associated risks, and the underlying motivations. How a business sale or acquisition is structured will have significant impact on tax consequences, the closing process, and the potential post-closing liability. Guide clients through growing a business, acquiring a business, or selling a business to maximize the benefits to the business owner.


Exit and Succession Planning:

Exit planning is based on one simple premise: at some point, every owner leaves the business and at that time, every owner wants to receive the maximum amount of money to accomplish personal, financial, income, and estate planning goals. Will the owner leave in a way that protects the owner, the owner’s heirs, and the business? Professional expertise and guidance in the development of a comprehensive and coordinated plan to achieve the transition and succession goals of the business owner is a must. 


Business Planning:

Planning business growth to take businesses to the next level requires practical alternatives and protection of the business owner from liability. Legal advice from developing practical plans, ways to limit taxes, to how to attract, retain, and motivate key employees, i.e. using executive compensation techniques such as stock options, LLC profits in interest, or incentive deferred compensation to help reach the owner’s goals and objectives is critical.